A few Sundays ago (like two or ten, it’s all kind of a blur), I did a fun and lazy thing and asked people on Instagram what I should write about next. And people asked great things! And then I did absolutely no writing at all, closed my laptop, and went inside to watch TV. … Continue reading Questions!


The Spark

Sometime during the beginning of the year, I lost it. School was busy in the months leading up to graduation, and a new, fitness-related second job I’d started (which I’d given up some other goals to pursue) wasn’t working out as I’d hoped, and I knew I’d have to leave. It was cold, and dark … Continue reading The Spark


Not sure why I'm posting this. I just came across this file on an old thumb drive. I wrote this in 2012, after a stray cat I adopted had to be euthanized. It's not eloquent or well written. I remember writing it as fast as I could -- terrified that I might forget some of … Continue reading Wally

Why I Quit Drinking (Even Though I Never Had a “Problem”)

I recently read an article (and when I finish this, I’ll try to find it and link it) about cross- addiction, and specifically about how people who undergo gastric bypass surgery, which physically limits the amount of food they can eat, will go on to struggle with alcoholism post-surgery (I did not have this surgery, … Continue reading Why I Quit Drinking (Even Though I Never Had a “Problem”)


I am 18 hours into my yoga teacher training. 182 hours to go on the first leg of this journey. It is almost nothing like I expected. Mostly, I did not expect to realize how much I absolutely need to be here right now, at this exact period in my life -- in this safe … Continue reading Yoga


At 36: Things I Don’t Do Anymore that Would Probably Shock/Horrify my 16-Year-Old Self [I still do lots of other shit though] Worry about leaving the house without a full face of makeup or perfume … or being in public un-showered (!) or sweaty (!) Want to go to the mall all. the. time. (since … Continue reading 36