It’s OK to Feel _______

Hi. This is your Sunday night reminder that it is perfectly ok to feel however you feel. If something has gone well, it is ok to feel happy and to celebrate. (Or, to not feel happy, even if you feel as though you 'should' be.) If something hurts you, it is ok to feel sad. If someone mistreats you, it … Continue reading It’s OK to Feel _______


The Dragon

I tend to think of myself as a work-in-progress because there are always at least a few areas where I am trying to either change grow or improve (and I hope to always be a work-in-progress). Right now, a lot of the work I’m doing on myself is focused on developing the inner strength and … Continue reading The Dragon


I have been writing for several years, usually just for myself. In my old leftover reporter top-spiral notebooks or in fancy journals I’d find in the bookstore; in the margins of meeting agendas; on napkins and on coffee-stained flyers flipped over and covered with my frantic scribbling – that actually happened once, when I was … Continue reading Welcome