In My Head this Morning

1:14 a.m. – 46 more minutes available for potential sleep. But, SUDDENLY VERY AWAKE! Thoughts erupt instantly, like racehorses bursting through the starting gates. I don’t think I picked the right thing to wear on the plane. That shirt is going to be too cleavage-y if I have to bend over to pick anything up … Continue reading In My Head this Morning



Future home is simple, and sunny, and not large. It has wooden floors. There is usually music playing, and it usually smells like coffee. It is private, but not isolated. There is a corner or a wall in the kitchen dedicated to coffee, and tea, and mugs. Maybe there are lots of hooks on the … Continue reading Visioning


A few weeks ago I wrote about the things we need in order to feel balanced and happy – to feel like ourselves. I hoped that today’s post could be a follow-up to that one where I got into that more specifically, but it’s not gonna be. Because I’m too cranky. I’m out of balance, … Continue reading Signs

The Story

I have a friend who also likes to write, and it’s always an exciting moment for me when I see that he’s posted something new – I know that it’s probably going to make me think about something or to feel something, because that’s what good writing does. His most recent post was about the stories we tell about ourselves – … Continue reading The Story