A few weeks ago I wrote about the things we need in order to feel balanced and happy – to feel like ourselves. I hoped that today’s post could be a follow-up to that one where I got into that more specifically, but it’s not gonna be. Because I’m too cranky. I’m out of balance, my scales are tipped. Some of my buckets are overflowing while others are empty. I’m working and dealing with serious, un-fun adult stuff and sleeping, basically. I’m not writing (and even this will be short) or reading or spending time outdoors or with friends. My box of art supplies is in the basement. Boo.

It’s fine, because things will realign soon. They always do. I’m just tired and pouting.

But there is a bright spot!

And I’m dyyyying to tell you about it.

A couple of weeks ago (when the scales were tipped in the other direction), I spent a Saturday alone trying to figure out what I should do. I didn’t want to be alone, but all of my three friends were busy. So I went into work for a while, and then I went to Starbucks, where I sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes trying to figure out what to do next. And then, I went into rich-bored-housewife mode and decided to go get my nails done – not because I really cared about getting them done, but just so I would have something to do and so that I could be around people.

I was so grossed out by my attitude and behavior that day. That’s not the person I want to be. I felt useless. I wasn’t doing anything for myself or for anyone else.

Later, when I was bitching talking to my therapist about it, I had my lightbulb moment.

“I don’t want to have to find ways to waste time anymore. I can do more than that. I really should be volunteering or something.


And because this kind of stuff always seems to happen (thanks Universe!), the next day I saw that the local SPCA was looking for volunteers and would be holding an open house the next weekend.

Yup, I believe in signs.

So now I’m doing it! I’ve attended the open house and the volunteer orientation and my first real, official day as a volunteer is tomorrow night.


I am on three volunteer teams. They are: Shelter Greeting Team; Special Events/Community Outreach Team; and … are you ready?!?






IMG_3149 (2)

Dog. Enrichment. Yaaaaaasssss!

I mean, can you even deal with this?! Because I can’t.

I suppose now I’ll have my fill of dogs and I won’t need to be the creepy lady who walks around the city asking people if I can pet their dogs.

Kidding! I’ll never stop doing that.

Just wanted to share my little bright spot today.

IMG_3763 (2)


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