Future home is simple, and sunny, and not large.

It has wooden floors. There is usually music playing, and it usually smells like coffee. It is private, but not isolated.

There is a corner or a wall in the kitchen dedicated to coffee, and tea, and mugs. Maybe there are lots of hooks on the wall for hanging the mugs, or maybe there are shelves where they can be displayed. There is a mason jar full of spoons next to the coffee pot. There is a small round table, and an island with two tall stools. There’s no space or desire for a big dining-room table. We eat wherever.

There is a small space, maybe off of the living room or the bedroom, with bookshelves and a writing desk and a woven rug. The books are probably not organized well or in any logical fashion and there are probably too many of them, so some are piled in stacks on top. Nearby, there is a window with a view of something green and not man-made. The sun shining through the window makes rectangular patterns that slowly move across the floor, and the cats like to nap in them. There’s an oversized, worn brown leather chair in the corner with a soft grey blanket draped over the back.

The bathroom has windows and a large claw-foot tub. I think it’s blue and white. There is brick in here, somewhere. White-washed brick, I think.

The living room is decorated with photos of the places we’ve traveled, and it’s just large enough for four or five friends to visit and talk and eat and drink. On weekends, we sit on the floor around the coffee table playing games and listening to music. Our dog sleeps on his bed in the corner, waking occasionally to sniff our faces and search for dropped food. These are some of our favorite times.

The bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a walk-in closet with plenty of built-in shelves for shoes. None of the other details matter. Except, maybe, that this space smells of lavender and maybe a little bit of vanilla – this is important.

There is a door that opens outside to a small patio facing east, so in the morning it’s a sunny spot for exercise and yoga and sipping coffee. This space is also not large, but there is a patch of grass where we like to go barefoot.

Future home is a haven and a retreat. It feels like a hug from a friend. It feels like warming cold hands on a warm mug of peppermint tea. It feels like a massage on sore muscles, and a cat-nap in a hammock. Future home feels like sunshine and long love.


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