Looking Up

I’m posing a question to WordPress/the World/the Universe. I don’t share this blog with many people, but I’ll post it here anyway to see what happens. Mostly this is the kind of stuff I annoy my real-life friends with. AND I WILL.

I want to know this: How do you manage to keep your focus on your long-term goals and vision for your life (it could be personal, professional, or both) when you are struggling just to get through the short-term daily tasks? 

How do you keep yourself aligned with the larger goals? How do you keep making progress toward the work you are passionate about while still meeting (and trying to exceed) all of the expectations in your current, this-needs-to-be-done-right-now-or-else life?

How do you remind yourself to look up once in a while?

I am looking for specific strategies I can use to become more deliberate about looking up. (I’ve got some vague ones, but clearly they’re not working.)

Because here’s the little cycle I’m stuck in right now:

  1. I want to be doing this thing and I am passionate about this thing and my soul likes this thing and is urging me to do the thing
  2. Feel excited and motivated … Maybe I really can do the thing!
  3. 🙂
  4. Life explodes
  5. Do all the things — but not the thing — not enough time in the day to complete everything that’s being asked of me
  6. Sad; feel like I’m failing
  7. Self-doubt … I can’t even do these little things, so how will I ever do the thing?
  8. Forget about the thing for a while because I’m totally immersed in the day-to-day stuff
  9. [Suddenly many months have gone by, WTF?]
  10. Have I gotten any closer to my goals? I don’t know. Not really. How is time passing so quickly?
  11. Get a glimpse of the thing or a brief opportunity to do the thing again
  12. I remember to look up.
  13. Oh yeah! *swoon*
  14. My soul smiles; my brain rewards me with a boost of confidence and motivation
  15. See #1, and repeat

Do you have strategies? What works for you? What doesn’t? Did you read this far? (Thank you!)

Can you help?




4 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. Carl Weber says:

    I read this far. Great description of the pattern. You are not alone, I think this is a universal cycle. Not sure I can provide advice or the right strategy, but maybe a few coping mechanisms. I will give it some thought, but the reminder to look up already helped me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. radamstal says:

    I can’t help but thanks for making me laugh. You are young, and talented and will go far (you’re already the one who escaped!)


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