Almost all decisions will move us either forwards or backwards. I've been thinking about this one on both a macro and a micro level. About how, on any given day, the things we do and say are either moving us closer to who we want to be, or further away. It's obvious when you think … Continue reading 4.



Everything is an experiment. This one is pretty simple. I recently connected with a woman who has successfully set up a life for herself that looks a lot like the one I'm trying to build. (I like to connect with these people as much as I can and to pick their brains for as long … Continue reading 3.

Here I Am

Here I am. I am here. Lately I’ve been living, and writing – but mostly in my head. I try to capture little moments and feelings and figure out how I’d put the words down on paper; I write and edit the sentences in my mind until they fit together and tell the story, and … Continue reading Here I Am