Intention is Everything.

“I’m never going to be able to wrap my foot around the back of my leg. My calves are too fat!”

Eagle pose. Garudasana. You’re wrapped up in yourself – arms and legs crossed over each other, and pulled in to your midline. I’m still not sure why it’s called “eagle.” I don’t feel like an eagle in this pose. I feel like a Twizzler.

Yes, this is going to be about yoga. Is it silly to use yoga as a metaphor for life? Maybe. Am I silly? Yes.

But spend some time on your mat and tell me that so much of what happens there isn’t eerily similar to the issues you face in your “real” life.

Like if you ever struggle to be present, or to calm your mind.

Or if you ever battle with fear or anxiety in new or challenging situations.

Or if you’re working to learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are, today. Not tomorrow. Not at a certain size or number.

Or maybe you have your own “Eagle Pose,” – something that seems so challenging, or so out-of-reach, that you’ve essentially given up on it. You know it will never happen. You don’t even try. You’ve announced to every cell in your body that this thing can never, ever happen for you.

And a scary thing happens when that switch gets flipped. Your body responds accordingly. Your cells were listening.

For years, I crossed one leg over the other and stayed there. My foot stuck way out in the air, passively, completely shut-off from the pose. My toes pointing the wrong way. My mind pointing the wrong way.

No intention.

No intention = no progress.

Intention is everything.

One morning, I thought about resetting the intention. I sent a thought to my foot, and to my toes. Where you are is perfectly fine. But start to think about being in a different spot, behind the leg. Send your energy that way. Know that you will be there.

Visibly, the change was imperceptible. I still looked exactly the same. But now all of me was part of the pose. My foot and each of my toes were charged and active. Energy. The target in sight. A bowstring, pulled back, ready to fire.

Full of intention.

Yesterday, my toes grazed my calf. I shrieked – actually shrieked – I shit you not. And I took a moment to smile, and to send a message of thanks to my body, and to all of the cells that keep me alive, and moving forward.

Start to think about being in a different spot. Send your energy that way. Know that you will be there.

Intention is everything.


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