I would like it if we could normalize talking about the things that we don’t do very well, or the areas where we honestly just kinda suck right now but we are working to improve.

I would also like it if we talked more about our goals and what we’re doing to achieve them (or what we’re not doing, but should be), and what we’re learning along the way. I don’t know about you but I’m kinda over ‘Perfect.’

‘Perfect’ is dangerous and overrated. Show me your imperfect.

Here’s just a little example of one of the things I’m not very good at … but I’m working on it!

P.S. I could probably spend more time editing this video and cut out the part at the end so it’s not so clunky but I’m going to leave it just as it is and not stress over the imperfections.


One thought on “Imperfect

  1. Carl Weber says:

    Well done my friend. “Perfect” can become my Freeze-Ray when trying to put things, ideas, concepts, or things I create into the world. Thanks for the demonstrated example of how to keep moving forward. Thank you.

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