By the way…

Healthy: Workout friends who encourage you and challenge you a little with a friendly spirit of competition (if you like that). They’re nice, they’re supportive, and you know they want the best for you and want to see you succeed and reach your goals. You bring out the best in each other. They don’t equate YOUR SUCCESS with THEIR FAILURE and vice versa, so they are free to celebrate you, and they do so often – and with joy.

Fucking Unhealthy and Toxic: Workout “friends” who turn everything into a competition where there is only one winner, and who laugh at you if you struggle or can’t complete a certain move. They say things like “oh, you work out so much I thought you’d be way stronger/better than that” or “I can’t believe I beat you since you do this all the time.” Their own fitness and wellness achievements become weapons with which they beat others down, including you. They self-righteously declare that THEIR way is the ONLY way and feel superior to everyone else. When you fail, they celebrate.

Cherish and nourish the healthy relationships and eliminate the ones that are fucking unhealthy and toxic because you deserve better than that. You’re working too hard to have to put up with emotional garbage, and that type of energy — over time — will hurt you just as much as any cigarettes or fast food or any of the other commonly vilified “toxins.”

You’ll know the difference between healthy and toxic by noticing the way you feel after you spend time together. Do you feel gross inside? Do you feel crappy about who you are? Unhealthy. Bye bye.

I hate that this is even a thing.

Keep working. You’re kicking ass. We are all in this together and we can all succeed.


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