Opportunity Costs

In my economics class this week we are attempting to quantify opportunity costs — essentially, the things you give up in order to go after something else. I find this funny as I’m just a few weeks away from completing this final graduate class, and I’ve been reflecting on these past several years in school and all that I’ve sacrificed in order to do this work. Mostly, I think about all the time I missed spending with the people who love me. Nights and weekends spent doing homework and projects rather than going out on date nights or having adventures. Sunny fall walks in the woods with my senior-citizen pup that I missed because I had to study. All of the little moments I haven’t really been able to be fully present for because I’ve been so stressed out and distracted by school and grades and everything on my to-do list.

I gave those things up in order to do this and I hope that it is worth it — or that it will be, someday. And I am and always will be grateful for the opportunity to continue my education. I do not take that for granted. I know how lucky I am.

Tonight I feel a little bit sad (and kind of pissed, frankly) about what it’s cost me, though.


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