Transformation and Miracles

I am fascinated by transformation, and how it happens. One of my most-loved loved ones has made a transformation. She has been sober for over 20 years. In the years before her sobriety, she was radically different in a number of ways – in appearance, in behavior, and in spirit. She tells me often that … Continue reading Transformation and Miracles


A love story

You are the lover I thought I’d never have – the one I knew I couldn’t keep up with, and the one I knew I’d never be good enough for. *** I’m not sure what made me try that first time. I don’t remember much about what led me to my old high school track … Continue reading A love story

Here I Am

Here I am. I am here. Lately I’ve been living, and writing – but mostly in my head. I try to capture little moments and feelings and figure out how I’d put the words down on paper; I write and edit the sentences in my mind until they fit together and tell the story, and … Continue reading Here I Am