The Myth Of Keeping It All “In Balance”

"I admire your accomplishments and how you are able to juggle everything, that is great. How do you always manage to keep it all balanced?" The response came in reply to one of my Instagram stories that I created on a day when I was off from work and was totally indulging myself – massage, … Continue reading The Myth Of Keeping It All “In Balance”


Energy Efficiency

I go 0 to 100, real quick (real f***ing quick) -- many thanks to Drake for the lyrical inspiration. You probably do, too. One minute we're feeling good -- like we're finally getting a handle on things and finally, it's gonna be smooth sailing for a while. Yay! And that lasts for about a day … Continue reading Energy Efficiency

Looking Up

I'm posing a question to WordPress/the World/the Universe. I don't share this blog with many people, but I'll post it here anyway to see what happens. Mostly this is the kind of stuff I annoy my real-life friends with. AND I WILL. I want to know this: How do you manage to keep your focus … Continue reading Looking Up