Transformation and Miracles

I am fascinated by transformation, and how it happens. One of my most-loved loved ones has made a transformation. She has been sober for over 20 years. In the years before her sobriety, she was radically different in a number of ways – in appearance, in behavior, and in spirit. She tells me often that … Continue reading Transformation and Miracles



  When I was in fourth grade (I think it was fourth grade, though the early elementary school years sort of blur together) one thing I knew for sure was that I was larger – physically larger – than I was supposed to be. I knew because when my class lined up in the nurse’s … Continue reading Healthy

The Mess

It gets dirty. I’ve never made any positive changes in my life without getting dirty. Gritty and slimy, wading through garbage piles that creep up past my hips. Digging. Finding what’s buried in the mess. Un-burying it. Taking a long look – no turning away anymore. Losing weight? A filthy, unflinching process. First, it meant … Continue reading The Mess

The Story

I have a friend who also likes to write, and it’s always an exciting moment for me when I see that he’s posted something new – I know that it’s probably going to make me think about something or to feel something, because that’s what good writing does. His most recent post was about the stories we tell about ourselves – … Continue reading The Story