Energy Efficiency

I go 0 to 100, real quick (real f***ing quick) -- many thanks to Drake for the lyrical inspiration. You probably do, too. One minute we're feeling good -- like we're finally getting a handle on things and finally, it's gonna be smooth sailing for a while. Yay! And that lasts for about a day … Continue reading Energy Efficiency


Imperfect I would like it if we could normalize talking about the things that we don’t do very well, or the areas where we honestly just kinda suck right now but we are working to improve. I would also like it if we talked more about our goals and what we’re doing to achieve them … Continue reading Imperfect


Hi! I've been quiet here for a while because I'm sort of in limbo with this site. I'm thinking of reworking it to tie in with my personal training business (currently in the works!) and so I'm still trying to figure out what all of that's going to look like. It's funny ... none of … Continue reading Update


With three days left in 2016, it's a great time to start thinking about some of our goals, hopes and dreams for the coming year. It feels as though a lot of us are looking forward to a fresh start, even if it's just an arbitrary date change. I've been considering my own goals for … Continue reading 2017


Maybe if you like to write, like I do, you will understand this. I haven’t written anything for this space in a week or two, because I don’t have the perfect thing to say. I have lots of ideas, but they’re sort of nebulous in my head and I don’t have the perfect words to … Continue reading Peak